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Earn to Die 2 Unblocked

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The second edition of the popular game Earns To Die 2 Unblocked. This is not just another zombie killing game but to survive, Where you have to escape from the city full of zombies. The game is rather addictive and interesting. At the beginning of the game you have to buy a car which is very weak, has a small fuel tank and can’t take you to the rescue point. You must earn some money and upgrade your car to make is powerful. In order to do so, you have a vehicle and you have a garage where you can upgrade your car and add to it different gadgets,

Every time you make a try to reach the safe zone, you kill zombies and earn money. Your main objective is to reach finish line alive, at all cost. What I enjoy the most is that game has different parts and all of them are connected with the storyline.

Control For This Game :

  • Use [W] Key For Accelerate
  • Use [D]  Key For Stop
  • Use [Ctrl] or [X]  For Boost.Enjoy Playing Earn to Die 2 Unblocked.

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